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Monday, July 09, 2007

Take a piece of Waikato for good luck in Rugby World Cup

Adidas and the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) are promoting a campaign called"Of This Earth". That's why Waikato Stadium was dug up yesterday. It sees turf cut from pitches around the country and presented to the All Blacks as part of the support for their Rugby World Cup campaign.

In order to wish the best for their team, the initiative was launched yesterday at Waikato Stadium.

Hamilton Mayor Bob Simcock, former All Black player and Waikato representative Steve Gordon and two Hamiltonians - winners of competitions to be part of the event - carefully removed the slices of the pitch.

In fact, the NZRU and adidas are visiting 25 rugby grounds and taking a small piece of each pitch. As we know, the pieces will be combined to create a gift which the All Blacks will take with them to France in August.

"This gift will represent the fields every All Black through history has played on," adidas' Craig Waugh assured.

It's good to say that Lucia Puanaki and Kallum McPake, winners of two adidas and NZRU competitions, run through the Waikato Times and The Breeze radio station, enjoyed taking part of the occasion. "It is definitely a great idea and hopefully this will bring our boys some luck," Waikato Times winner Ms Puanaki expressed.